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Creative gifts
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Commercial competition, both won in attention, also won in the creative. Creative economy, as the name suggests, is the idea can create economic value, and, due to the sharp market competition heating up, the creative largely determine the success or failure. Yore? Everyone think about it, in order to get attention, first of all do not still have to be creative it. Creative suck the eye, with the popularity transactions only start possible, especially for many B2C business, creativity is the basis of their existence.

With the development of the Internet community, creative scripts, video, advertising, photo by Volkswagen collection, sharing and dissemination, and everyone began to enjoy the fun of creativity to bring them himself from time to time by a lot of inspiration from the wisdom of everyone, gearing up to begin to think of creative. Creativity, has been integrated into the lives of many people, who like to soak in the social network of young home owners, more is always creative, always creative ah!

Reciprocity as a way of people's emotional exchanges, since ancient times, "Lilly no to non-gentleman". Gifts, in China, in fact, human sent also. Send, send the favors, the future is bound to repay, to see also how also; yet, first salute, two is also return favors, parenting, love, love, love never betray feedback . Although the functional significance of gifts for thousands of years not much has changed, but the way of gifts, send something in the trend of the times, the place has changed dramatically. Creative economy era, of course gifts have to be creative.

, Certainly will not melatonin creative gifts mentioned here, we are talking about the gifts of nature from the gift to the whole process, filled with the stuff of creative blood.

The development of network technology, the people have the convenience of online shopping, many gift shops have also beautifully, but I it seems, most of the online gift shop, is still not with the special advantages of online shopping, the difference between general entities Gift Shop open, not much else, and is very messy.

One day last year, reporter accidentally received a gift of a friend online shopping me, opened it, a large bag of garbage "! Was really scared I was really surprised, could there be offended, what we can see, is a delicious hand- chocolate, and even a surprise. After reporters along the label to find a polite friends gifts website, because I realized that gifts go to Creativity. Later, I have been concerned about the polite friends, when they a courteous! Creative to give a "special gift service, try to send to his mother a mother received very satisfied, also find it very useful. At that time, I was sent one of the key finder for memory decline of mother nature is a treasure, with the tone of the contemporary young people, is the "artifact".

Later, I gradually found appeared in many imitate courteous gift in the form of the shop, but they generally lack a clear positioning specificity. Why are people going to the store to buy things, and this is a very important issue. Courteous defined as "online gifts" to clear the route of customers to buy something: gifts (problem) - what to send and what (problems) - find polite (solve the problem).

Obviously, creative gift market is just the start, things on the Internet, however, we all know that it is difficult to predict how fast. I naturally hope that the country can appear more similar and polite friends or catch up with the courteous creative website, so we solve their own problems about gifts given to them, and then the two sides can be satisfied with the results. I think such a day, and certainly will not be too far away.
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