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Stationery Exhibition DIY
Time:2013/3/20 15:45:51 Hits:2082
China International Stationery and Office Supplies Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 19. Reporters at the scene saw, hand-painted containers attract many visitors eager to the site experience how homemade personalized tableware.
In the a German pigment booth, five demo at the table sitting around more than 10 to 30-year-old lady, who added a picture of their favorite busy glass plate. A lady from Pudong said, she drew more than 1 hours, have left their favorite designs on the back of several glass plates, ready to take home to use. This will not only have practical value, the fruits of his own painting and can aftertaste. Another woman while painting his mouth, friends National Day married, send a own DIY hand-painted vases, decent was the truth.
The use of hand-painted plates will not be detrimental to the body? "Audience consulting. The booth staff said hand-painted pigment gum, harmless to the body. Such painted paint can also be drawn on clothing, utensils, and 60 degrees or less as long as water cleaning, it will not fade.
Creative and handmade, environmentally friendly products at the show to attract viewers. A booth exhibit a high of about 2 meters brown giraffe model, came closer, handicrafts made of cardboard as raw material. The the booth placed exhibits desk and rest seats are cardboard. A desk handicrafts, but also to the cardboard as raw material.
The staff, the raw material of these tables is usually common cardboard box, produced specially treated. Corrugated board processing performance is good, practical, affordable price. In addition, this seat can save a lot of timber resources, in line with the concept of sustainable development, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. He also said that, due to the wide range of sources of raw materials, low production costs, and can be recycled recycling, there are certain market acceptance.
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